Who is juanita bynum dating now No registration dating telugu

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Juanita Bynum values friendship very highly and in fact, she is more comfortable being a friend than a lover.Juanita desires an intellectual rapport or spiritual bond with her love partner, but deep intimacy and emotional bonding do not come easily to her.Bynum identifies with the oppressed, disenfranchised or underdog in any situation and she wants to help them or care for them in some way.

Even if Juanita Bynum professes to want something steady and solid, she is very reluctant to give up her freedom and autonomy for its sake.

Some of Bynum's love yearnings may be expressed through art, music or an involvement with mysticism.

Her nature is harmonious and Juanita radiates happiness so that everyone around her will be in good spirits.

However, if other factors in her chart indicate a capacity for discipline and prudence, there is a positive side to Juanita's emotional indulgence - Bynum tends to be quite charitable and tolerant, freely giving and willing to embrace others despite their shortcomings.

Her emotional tension could be quite strong and the pressure may seem unbearable at times.

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She may have a sudden desire to liberate herself from the stress and may release her tension towards women.