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Watch sexcetera episodes online for free

It is, however, entirely possible that Fred Durst has ruined sex for a generation." It's good to remember then, that for all the evil that the Dursts and Hiltons of this world do, that Ellis is out there every day doing his best to corrupt our youth in much more interesting ways.Jones, like some earlier Ellis creations, sports a tattoo.Over the years he has also warped young minds through the Live Journal community and most recently become a kind of online John Peel, releasing mix-tapes of unknown bands that he finds online via podcasts.

I jumped into the net feet-first in the 90s, and the handheld is very much my outboard brain now. Desolation Jones is a long form serial published by DC/Wildstorm intended to run for at least the next two years.

The first issue is on sale now and is intended for 'Mature Readers'.

Warren Ellis continues to corrupt all comers to his website

Especially when we heard that the art work was provided by JH Williams who so beautifully brought Alan Moore's Promethea to life. We loved the LA setting despite having no great love of the city (sorry LAist!

) and we wondered why a writer based in an English seaside resort was drawn there. I can't go anywhere in LA without the kindness of friends.

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  1. Lurie—who has known Clinton since they were teenagers, when Lurie was a White House intern working for Hillary Clinton—shoots me a look: “Don’t encourage her.” Although Chelsea claims she is “not a naturally fashionable person,” I can’t help noticing that she always looks great.(“Friendship is very important to her,” says her good friend Simon Woods.