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Dating chunky mississippi

“You have people who are there to learn and engage in topics and stretch their knowledge and challenge their beliefs.” Kaiser steps out of herself when giving a speech. To do justice to them, I can’t go up there and be myself.

But if you watch him during a debate round, he makes the funniest faces,” Gleason said.

No Thomases, no doubt Yes, Kuykendall is loud, but he is also smart, funny and one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet, Gleason said.

As co-captains, he and Kuykendall hang out all the time.

“It’s a powerful personality trait that only gets on my nerves if my face happens to be inches from his mouth.” Rotering, who wants to go into public health administration, also gets his share of kidding for being so clean-cut and polite and because “I have a few idiosyncrasies that the team doesn’t let me forget about.” “They often distill my favorite arguments and use them against me in weird ways,” he added.

“It’s all in good fun in the way that a close friend circle or family would tease a person.” The two argued as a team until this year, when Regan decided to pair each with an “empowered woman” — Rotering with sophomore Jasmin Sharp and Kuykendall with junior Taylor Alandzes.

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“The digitalization of our memories means our minds are getting hacked.” Senior Tatum Kaiser kicked off her after-dinner speech with a joke about online dating. “She’s already on her fifth marriage.” Her character was stunned by the number of romance-seekers who appeared to be running “depression-is-sexy” campaigns. Only Kuykendall and Rotering have been on the team since 2013, when its director, College of Humanities and Social Sciences instructor Barry Regan, launched it.

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