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Dating bampton

If you’re going to use your external drives with a different operating system, you may need to reformat them at some stage, after having copied the data off safely to another drive, of course.

Often referred to as the ‘Gateway to the Cotswolds’, the town was originally a fortified Anglo-Saxon ford which later grew to be an important regional crossroads and wealthy wool town.

The locations of those files on both platforms are listed here (LRCC/6 / LR5 / LR4).

There’s just one other main thing to look out for if you’re moving cross-platform—the Mac OS can read natively Windows NTFS formatted drives, but can’t write to them, and Windows can’t read or write to Mac HFS formatted drives.

If you get stuck at this stage, please ask on the forum and we’ll help. Check your preferences and presets Double check that all of your presets and templates appear correctly, for example, all of your Develop presets are available in the Develop module, to confirm that you copied all of the files correctly. Reload any disabled plug-ins Finally, you might find your plug-ins need reloading as the locations may have changed in the move.

Go to File menu Plug-in Manager and check whether all of the plug-ins have green circles. The main things to remember are to transfer all of the applicable files onto the new computer, don’t try importing anything, and don’t wipe the old machine until you’ve checked that everything’s up and running.

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Most people use an external hard drive for the transfer, or a wired network connection.