Cell dating phone teen

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Cell dating phone teen

Cell phone novels create a virtual world for teenagers via the mobile phone, or, more precisely, via text messages.

As in virtual online video games, readers can put themselves into first person in the story.

Although Japan was the original birthplace of the cell phone novel, the phenomenon soon moved to other parts of East Asia, and many of the online writers are university students.

These writers understand what narratives will attract young readers, incorporating emergent events or trendy elements from teen culture into their stories.

, is a literary work originally written on a cellular phone via text messaging.

This type of literature originated in Japan, where it has become a popular literary genre.

The first cell phone novel was “published” in Japan in 2003 by a Tokyo man in his mid-thirties who calls himself Yoshi.

Maho i-Land is the largest Japanese cell phone novel site that carries more than a million titles, mainly novice writers, all which are available for free.

Maho i Land provides templates for blogs and homepages. In 2007, 98 cell phone novels were published into books.

Despite the use of cell phones, most of these novels are not written with SMS slang and language.

Instead, it has brought out a new era of minimalism and art.

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Rather than appearing in printed form, the literature is typically sent directly to the reader via email, SMS text message, or subscription through an online writing and sharing website, chapter by chapter.

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