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But how deeply is each company involved in pushing the boundaries in these areas?Where can we go to learn what tech they’re prioritizing and where the next bleeding-edge innovations will come from?In addition, improving Amazon Alexa’s capacity as an AI assistant that can understand natural human language is a top priority.Cloud computing is also playing a role in future innovations, not surprisingly given the company’s AWS division.These companies are all patenting designs for training computers to recognize people’s voices and to understand natural human language.Computer vision on the front lines: All of the Big 5 are patenting innovations to teach computers how to see and classify images.Facebook is focused on cybersecurity and mobile UX/UI.Facebook is also prioritizing eye-tracking, emotion detection, and sentiment analysis, likely to improve targeted advertising.

Microsoft has the most patent applications among its peers.

Patents are a meaningful leading indicator of where company R&D and innovation efforts are headed.

True, an individual patent might only be a sketch of a potential product.

Autonomous vehicles: The race to develop software and sensors that underpin self-driving cars is also led by Google, but surprisingly the race toward autonomy in cars and drones is tightening.

Cybersecurity: Cyber is increasingly a C-suite issue and the Big 5 are all ramping up efforts to secure users and prevent abuse.

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