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But for the record, here are the defunct 19th Century National League ball clubs that won NL Pennants…Providence Grays, 2 NL Pennants (18). Baltimore Orioles (I), 3 (consecutive) NL Pennants (1894-1896).

For the complete list of National league Pennant winners from 1876 to 1968 (the extra tier of playoffs began in 1969), . In total, there were 27 National League franchises from the 19th century . The 8 franchises that survived the NL’s contraction from 12 teams to 8 teams, after the 1899 season, are still in the National League today , although the Chicago Cubs are the only NL ball club that has remained in the same city, uninterrupted, since 1876.

The Atlanta Braves’ franchise also dates back to 1876; this ball club began as the Boston Red Stockings (aka Red Caps).

[Again, this National League Boston club had no connection with that American League franchise formed a quarter-century later who later became the Boston Red Sox.] The Braves’ franchise has went through 10 name changes and 3 cities.

They were known in the period from approximately 1899 to 1910, bizarrely, as the Brooklyn Superbas (after a popular acrobatic troupe of the time).

By this time, the nickname of Trolley Dodgers had gained currency for the Brooklyn club…the story goes that their ball park then was at the confluence of several mass transit lines, so the fans were literally dodging trolleys and streetcars to get to the park.

The present-day Cincinnati Reds joined the National League in 1890, leaving the American Association (see this time-line of the American Association).The ball club got their present name after the Philadelphia Athletics of the AA accused them of piracy, in acquiring one of Philadelphia’s best players.The Pittsburgh club took the pejorative and used it to their advantage, renaming themselves the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1891.Of course, the Brooklyn Dodgers toiled in futility, then later in agonizing runners-up status (with 6 World Series losses, the last 5 all to the New York Yankees, between 19), until they finally won the World Series in 1955. The Cardinals in fact did not display ornithological iconography until 1922 . All 8 of the founding franchises still exist, but only 4 are still in the same city…the Chicago White Sox (who began as simply as the White Stockings), the Cleveland Indians (who began as the Cleveland Blues), the Detroit Tigers, and the Boston Red Sox (this ball club had no official nickname until they adopted the Red Sox name in 1908).The underdog borough of Brooklyn had little time to revel in its new status as champions. For the complete list of American League franchises, names, and shifts, . The map shows all 30 current MLB clubs, with each club’s primary ball cap.

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